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Camping Etiquettes

Camping Etiquette

Camping is a wonderful way to experience the outdoors and connect with nature. It isn't expensive either. Having said that, there are certain etiquettes that any mature camper should follow.

  1. Personal Space - This matters to everyone and you should never venture into another campers territory. Respect the privacy of others.

  2. NOISE - Not everyone sleeps late or enjoys binge drinking at night. A majority of people want a quiet time and would get annoyed by loud music or late night parties. It is important that campers respect fellow campers space and keep the volume to a minimum.

  3. Clean Up - It is very important that all campers clean up their surrounding and do not litter. All the litter should be thrown in the garbage bins provided. Eating and drinking in the tents should be avoided.

  4. Be Friendly - Don't be GRUMPY. No one like a neighbour who is difficult to handle.

  5. Put Everything Back - All campsite have some facilities / games which you would use. Once done, you should keep the stuff back from where you picked.

  6. Respect the Local Wildlife - The outdoors is supposed to have local wildlife like snakes, lizards, frogs, rabbits. Be respectful of their territory and do not harm them.

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