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Outbound Training | Camping | Treks | Farming

Rusticville organises corporate management training programs that improves business performance through a systematic and comprehensive development of people, teams, and the business. Our consultants have used a broad range of team development, organisation development and leadership developments programs and projects to help our clients achieve positive results.

Rough it out in the open with rock climbing and rappelling or valley crossing. Get people to learn to challenge their prejudices, find solutions to tough real world problems, bond with the teams and be more PRODUCTIVE!!!


Whether you come for a corporate team building program or a leadership program for middle management or the inner potential excellence program for CXOs, we ensure that you have loads of FUN!!! with the learning.  The only way to achieve greater success is to tap into your inner dormant potential 

We also organise outings for school students through summer camps and customised school events to help students learn to stay close to nature and become independent decision makers. College students can organise unforgettable farewells before jumping into the corporate world.

*All adventure activities need prior intimation and are chargeable. 

 To my surprise.. I have no words to describe my satisfaction. Everything was fulfilled as promised. The food was really good, barbecue was real fun, clean washrooms, nice drinking water made available on a hot summer day, clean tents. They did everything possible to make our farewell even better. 

customer feedback

There are well maintained camping tents, the washrooms were very clean and hygienic. The quality of food and service was really appreciating. The campfire was really beautiful and spotting the constellations was once in a lifetime experience. Worth it !

Beautiful set up with lots of activities during your stay. You could play sports, laze around, trek to the fort, do painting, strum your guitar, have a good long talk with friends, etc. etc.. I have been here twice and enjoyed my stay both the times. The best part is the view from the campsite. 

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