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We are a rural farm stay and camping place in Lonavala. And there is no television or WiFi. While this might sound intimidating, a lot of parents have thanked us because they saw their children without iPads or phones and playing in mud and getting to know nature closely. The night sky is lit up with stars and constellations allowing you to rekindle childhood memories of aimlessly looking in to the sky. Try stargazing and locate and identify constellations yourself without the help of Google. We encourage people to talk to fellow guests and interact with them. Who knows you might just meet your new business partner or colleague or your new best friend at Rusticville. A swimming pool to help everyone relax in nature.


Tikona, also known as Vitandgad is a seventh century fort which was used mainly to store grains and act as a beacon fort for the bigger Lohgad - Visapur fort. This is an easy trek which can be done by amateurs as well as kids. The entire trek takes not more than 2 hours to complete and is a healthy indicator for your current physical state.


We provide private bbq and bonfire pits for each group / family. Get nostalgic by playing antakshari with your group around the bbq and bonfire or lookout for shooting stars and make a wish with your loved ones lying on the rural khat (charpoy). If you are a music fan, we encourage you to carry your guitar along and strum through the night.


The vast blue waters of Pawana lake provide some breathtaking views and the boating points at the lake allow you to indulge in some water sports. Get some beautiful pictures clicked near the lake.

**Swimming in the lake water is discouraged and not advisable.


An outing at Rusticville can help you rejuvenate your senses and re-energise your mind. Do NOTHING! Let nature treat your stress and revitalise your senses. Bring along your favourite book and get immersed in the story. We have a few bestsellers as well which you may borrow.


A host of indoor and outdoor games await your presence. We have setup for volley ball, archery, frisbee and village games like lagori (Pitthu) and hopscotch to relive the good old days. Some board games and dart games are also available at the place to challenge other guests.


Get your own mountain bikes and bicycles along and ride through the many trails available at the place. Whether you are an off roader or cyclist or a hiker, we have plenty of trails around in the region to keep you occupied. Spot that elusive bird or rabbits around in the region

  • Tikona Fort - 1 km

  • Lohgad / Visapur Fort - 14 km

  • Pawana lake - 2 km

  • Tungi Fort - 20 km

  • Bhushi Dam - 20 km

  • Tiger Point - 17 km

  • Karla Caves - 24 km

  • Bedse Caves - 13 km

  • Hadshi Temple - 6 km

  • Boating - 4 km

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