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Pawna Lake Camping

Over the past few months Pawna lake has become synonymous with camping and has attracted plenty of tourists in the region. Some have had their best outings whereas few also speak about their horrid experiences. The difference is all in the expectations. Guests and patrons need to be absolutely clear about their expectations as camping is not enjoyed by everyone.

  1. Luxury - If you happen to expect rooms and luxuries, camping might come as a rude shock. The tents are bare and provide only the basic things like a mattress and blanket.

  2. Season - The season plays a major role as well. Winters is the best season to stay in tents but summers can be bearable while tent stay during monsoons is never recommended.

  3. Location - While some people enjoy lake sides which can be crowded with multiple adjacent campsites, some people prefer the solitude of a calm and quiet place away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

  4. Music - A lot of campsites allow loud music to be played at night but not everyone prefers that.

  5. Licence - Legal bindings can be a very important thing and not all campsites have the requisite permissions to run such a place. Always check if the campsite has valid FSSAI permits, local gram panchayat and police permissions and other permits to run such a place.

  6. Alcohol - While drinking has become an accepted culture in this century people sometimes misunderstand it for binge drinking and behave inappropriately after a few drinks. Choose a place where strict rules are followed to avoid drunken brawls and behaviour.

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